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2023-2024 DCIC / SunCommon partnership

The new DCIC / SunCommon partnership is a collaboration to celebrate between two community-based organizations committed to advancing green-energy options to congregations and congregants across Dutchess County!  We embrace the greater aim, uniting for a generational shift of priorities in alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to reduce fossil-fuel dependency.  

SunCommon is an outstanding company at-the-ready to guide and serve you.  A Certified B Corporation, SunCommon shares the values and principles adhering to respect for the natural environment as well as an appreciation of the dire consequences of climate change.  Starting today, the partnership offers an attractive and tangible option to houses of worship among the DCIC membership, and its congregants, to reduce their respective carbon footprints in the migration to solar energy.  

And DCIC members stand to gain substantially in the process!

The partnership provides:

·   $25 donation to a charity or organization for each prospective customer/congregant meeting with SunCommon for a free “Solar Visit” consultation (the visit is an opportunity for the customer to understand the value proposition and make an informed decision about going solar, with no obligation to do so; customer/congregant must qualify for residential solar with pre-qualification determined via a Google Form or 5-minute phone screening for the two subsequent $500 benefits):

·   $500 discount in a solar installation to any customer/congregant affiliated with a DCIC member congregation

·   $500 to the customer/congregant’s DCIC-member congregation upon signing of the solar agreement and the installation as a customer of SunCommon

Contact Craig Hightower today to schedule your free consultation, 845-594-1801, craig.hightower@suncommon.com - and be sure to mention your DCIC membership for the immediate benefits! 

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