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2019-2020 DCIC Nexamp Solar Program

Our various faiths teach that we have a moral responsibility for stewardship of the earth. In response to the urgent reality of global warming, religious leaders are increasingly taking actions that reflect the importance of conserving and protecting our shared environment. Members of Dutchess County Interfaith Council now have the opportunity to be a leader in the community by subscribing to a Nexamp community solar farm and supporting renewable energy generation in New York State.

Nexamp’s farms are part of New York’s community solar program, which allows electric utility customers to subscribe to a share of a local solar farm and go solar without rooftop panels. Subscribers receive credits on their utility bill for the energy produced by their solar farm share.

Duthcess County Interfaith Council congregations and their members have an incredible opportunity to support local clean energy and green innovation economy while also producing much-needed savings, by participating in DCIC’s partnership with Nexamp Community Solar. Nexamp’s community solar program allows utility customers to subscribe to a share of a local solar farm and receive credits produced by that share on their electricity bill, while paying for the value of the credits at a 10% discount. 

Nexamp’s community solar program has no cost to join, no equipment installed, no long-term commitment, guaranteed savings, no cancellation fee, no upfront cost, no credit check, and is compatible with your existing electrical utility and energy supplier. You can learn more by visiting https://solar.nexamp.com/dcic

If you’re interested in subscribing, please contact Yushi Kawasumi from Nexamp to schedule a review of your most recent electric bill. 

Yushi Kawasumi,  
Community and Channel Manager, Nexamp
(201) 314-3799

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