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2023-2024 DCIC Oil Purchase Group  (OPG)

Petro, formerly Love/Effron Oil Company, in cooperation with the DCIC offers a great deal on heating oil to Dutchess County houses of worship and 501 C-3 non-profit organizations during the heating season.

The pricing structure for the 2023-2024 heating season starts September 1, 2023, and expires August 31, 2024. This season’s pricing structure will be 54 cents over the harbor price due to increased energy prices. The DCIC will receive 5 cents for every gallon delivered to help support the work of the Council. Note that the price per gallon is variable. Petro will now be using the posted price published in the Journal of Commerce on the day of delivery to determine the price for OPG customers.

Also, Petro will be offering special DCIC PROPANE PRICING. All DCIC OPG members will enjoy pricing at $0.55 over Mont Belvieu, TX/Petro pipeline rack with no propane tank rental fees. Petro will install and maintain propane tanks for all members and provide a “Safety/Gas Check” service at no charge to help members save money on their propane energy costs this year. Petro will refund $0.03 per gallon for every gallon delivered to DCIC OPG members. 

Petro offers to DCIC OPG members their Advantage Furnace Service Plan, 24 hour, 7 days a week service contract at the discounted rate of $240.00 (valued at over $640.00) for a residential heating unit. If you wish to receive information, please contact the DCIC OPG representative at Petro, Chip Watt at 845-875-2486.

Clergy residences are eligible to be included in the DCIC OPG provided billing is to the house of worship.

Membership in the OPG is free to religious congregations that have contributed $100 or more between Sept. 1, 2022, and Aug. 30, 2023, to the Council. A yearly membership fee of $150 is charged to non-contributing congregations and 501C-3 non-profits. 


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OPG Facts


OPG Enrollment Form

Pay the OPG Enrollment Fee


OPG Facts


Petro, 47 Patrick Lane., Poughkeepsie 12603, Phone: 845-452-2600; FAX: 845-452-2415 cwatt@petroheat.com

Price of Fuel Oil

The price per gallon of fuel oil will be .54 cents over the base price posting Global Newburgh Rack, #2 heating fuel. The DCIC will receive .05 cents per gallon delivered.

Price of PropanE

Also, Petro will be offering special DCIC PROPANE PRICING this year. All DCIC OPG members will enjoy pricing at $0.55 over Mont Belvieu, TX/Petro pipeline rack with no propane tank rental fees. Petro will install and maintain propane tanks for all members and provide a “gas check” service at no charge to help members save money on their propane energy costs this year. Petro will refund $0.03 per gallon for every gallon delivered to DCIC OPG members.


New enrollees should fill out the enrollment form and remit the annual membership fee to DCIC. Petro will contact new enrollees for tank locations and account information. Oil or propane will be delivered to the tank locations that Petro keeps on file.
Present enrollees of the DCIC Oil Purchase Group should contact Petro to add a tank location or update account information at
845-452-2600. Oil deliveries will be metered, and copies of metered delivery tickets will be furnished to the individual institution at the completion of each delivery.


Customers will receive a statement within 10 days of delivery with the DCIC Oil Purchase Group posted price as of delivery date. In the event there is a regular posted price on the delivery ticket, disregard that price. The statement will have the DCIC Oil Purchase Group price. All invoices will be mailed to the purchasing institution from which payment will be made.

Late Payment

Payment made on account after 30 (thirty) days from billing will be subject to an interest charge per month on the outstanding balance at month end. Contact Petro for details.

Budget Payment

Contact Petro's Credit Manager at 845-452-2600.

Furnace Service Contract

Petro is offering members of the DCIC Oil Purchase Group its Advantage furnace service plan for $240.00 per year (valued at $640.00). If you’d like more information contact Petro at 845-452-2600. *Please do not send checks for this service to DCIC.


Questions about the program should be directed to the Dutchess County Interfaith Council, Inc. at 845-471-7333. For inquiries about service, delivery, credit, etc., contact Petro at 845-452-2600.



When does the DCIC OPG contractual year begin?

The OPG contract with Petro Oil Company begins September 1st and Ends August 31st of the following year. DCIC will send a letter to all current members of the OPG as well as all other houses of worship announcing changes or special offers available through Petro and include the DCIC OPG Brochure and Enrollment Form with details of the contract.

What is the OPG Enrollment Form?

All current OPG members and prospective new members are provided with an Enrollment Form ANNUALLY. It is very important that returning members as well as prospective new members complete this form ANNUALLY as we will use the form to update our files in order to better serve members in the future (form below).

Do I have to pay the enrollment fee?

Current and prospective OPG members for whom our records reflect a donation to DCIC of $100 or more that was made before the beginning of the contract season (January 1st-September 1st) are eligible to have the $100 enrollment fee waived. The fee will only be waived for one heating season per donation and an Enrollment form must still be filled out and returned to DCIC. Any organizations or congregations who have not contributed $100 or more from January 1st -- September 1st are asked to submit their $150 enrollment fee along with the Enrollment Form. 

Failure to fulfill these obligations by members, may result in termination of membership and they may receive written notification of such termination from DCIC. DCIC will also notify Petro of such termination. In this event, the member may choose to continue to be a Petro customer but will not continue to receive the discounted price for fuel oil. Your congregation may contact the DCIC office to determine eligibility for waiver of the $100 fee by calling 845-471-7333.

When do I pay the enrollment fee?

We would prefer that enrollment fees be paid at the beginning of the contract season which starts September 1st. Most members pay the enrollment fee by January 1st. However, in the event a member wishes to enroll, but defer payment beyond January 1st due to specific circumstances, they may contact the DCIC office and request a deferral. New members can join at any point during the OPG contractual year if the $100 membership fee is paid.

How do I find out more information on the Advantage Furnace Service Plan?

OPG members interested in the Advantage Furnace Service Plan for the DCIC OPG rate of $240.00 (valued at over $640.00) should contact Petro directly at 845-452-2600. DO NOT SEND CHECKS FOR THE Advantage furnace service contract to DCIC. Any checks received by DCIC for this service will be returned to the sender.

Can clergy residences’ join the OPG?

Yes, if the billing address of the residence is the same as the house of worship.

Are individuals able to join the OPG?

No. Private individuals are not eligible to join the OPG, only houses of worship, clergy residences and non-profits paying for fuel oil for their facilities are eligible. For details contact Petro at 845-452-2600.

Who do I contact about problems with delivery or services?

If you have any problems or questions about your fuel oil service, OPG members are directed to contact Petro at 452-2600.

How do I join the DCIC OPG?

New applicants are asked to fill out an enrollment form and return it along with the $150 annual membership fee to DCIC. We will notify Petro and provide them with your contact information and a representative from Petro will contact you. Current Petro customers will be added to the DCIC OPG list of members they have on file. New Petro customers will have to start an account and disclose fuel tank location, size, billing information, etc. New OPG members should expect the application process to take 5-7 business days.

Enrollment Form

The 2023-24 OPG Enrollment Form is available in PDF. If you are a returning OPG member or would like to apply to become a member please fill out and return the DCIC OPG Enrollment Form by mail to: Dutchess County Interfaith Council, 9 Vassar St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 with the $100 annual fee. Checks to be made out to: Dutchess County Interfaith Council.


To pay the DCIC OPG Annual Fee

You will receive a yearly invoice (around Sept-Oct). Please mail your invoice with your $150 annual fee to: Dutchess County Interfaith Council, 9 Vassar St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, clearly marked for OPG (Oil Purchase Program). Checks should be made out to: Dutchess County Interfaith Council. If you have not received your invoice by Nov., please contact the office at 845-471-7333. Thank you.

DCIC is not responsible for the accuracy of the oil/propane pricing information given on this page regarding our Oil Purchase Program. For accurate information please contact Petro (the supplier) directly.

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