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To submit a name In Memoriam  - send the name, age and a one sentence tribute of the person to be added, to office@dutchesscountyinterfaith.org.

In memory of all those who have lost their lives due to Covid-19 . . .

Gary "Goldie" Goldstein
Gary had an unmatched enthusiasm for making the world a better place.

William Trabakino
age 63
Beloved husband, father and cousin... gone too soon.

age 64
He was so full of life and knowledge.

age 47
Kind, generous & caring.

age 62
A master storyteller.

age 82
Childhood friend living in another state- memories of growing up on Sheridan Ave with him and his sister and recent memory of him at my sister's 75th birthday meal.

Dr. Ron Robbins
age 82
A gifted psychotherapist, a “Renaissance Man” and a true “mensch” Ron with his beloved wife Gloria touched many lives in Dutchess County and beyond.

Deborah L Donohue Campbell Obermeyer
Age 71
An awesome blessing that continued in my life for 56 years. Her wings were ready I just wasn't ready for her to fly. A rollercoaster ride of some spectacular adventures.

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