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Dutchess County Division of Aging Services Advisory Council

The Interfaith Council sends a representative to attend this Council which is dedicated to addressing the needs of our aging population. Members of the Aging Council have requested our participation with the belief that members of our faith based community are important to fulfilling the mission of determining the best resources to meet those needs.

Dutchess County Dept. of Community and Family Services Advisory Council

The DCIC sends a representative to attend the Advisory Committee meetings. With recent major changes in the welfare system, citizen input was requested by several area agencies which serve people who are in economic need. Again, the organizers of this group felt that a representative of the faith community was needed.

Rabbi Erwin Zimet Memorial Institute Committee

This group's purpose is to "perpetuate the values and goals for which Rabbi Zimet (a founder of the DCIC) stood and to which he devoted his life. These include his love of Judaism and encouragement of Jewish learning, interfaith dialogue and education, Holocaust education of Jews and non-Jews alike, and a strong sense of social justice." 

Dutchess County Juvenile Committee

A representative of the Interfaith Council attends regular meetings of this  committee which provides an important  link to the religious component of our County.  This committee is dedicated to working with the courts, law enforcement, probation, social services and government entities to prevent or reduce juvenile delinquency and juvenile crime in our community.

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